Undertones of our skin. 
Self Portrait in colored pencil on brown paper
©Emma Riesner
Intaglio etching done with open-biting and etching.

©Emma Riesner
15 Minute Painting done with acrylics

©Emma Riesner
Female nude done in graphite
©Emma Riesner
Adam & Eve
Done with Sharpie. 6’x9’
©Emma Riesner
Noel, the Rastafarian child from the street. Done in 2011. 
Colored Pencil
©Emma Riesner
Arrested Development Valentine done with Micron pens and Sharpies
Still Life, done in December 2011. I dated it wrong.
Done with black  and white charcoal sticks and pencils.
Emma Riesner ©
Chalk pastel, 18”x24”
©Emma Riesner

So close to being done! #art #print #printmaking #alpoupée #intaglio #ink #night #boston #skyline #cityscape  (at Art Institute of Boston)
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